Green tea – Fat burning agent


So now we know that green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but what is actually causing all the buzz in the supplement world? The polyphenols found in green tea are the answer. Polyphenols are also know as NOREPINEPHRINE.


Some of the benefits of the key fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine, include:

Releasing energy from glucose and glycogen
Increasing metabolism
Increasing rate of fatty acid mobilization
Preparing the body for physical challenges
Increasing muscle readiness


A lot of the studies done on green tea have focused on the highly concentrated EGCG catechin, but there are also plenty of studies on catechins in general. The results of these studies are vital for everyone who is trying to get ripped.

According to a study published in an issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea has been shown to activate the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity.

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