Three stuffed eggs with pitta bread


1 can low sodium wild salmon in water (or tuna or chicken)—I used Trader Joe’s brand
2 hardboiled eggs (only 1 egg yolk)
Diced green onions
1 tbsp Greek yogurt
Seasonings: garlic, sea salt and pepper to taste
1 leaf of lettuce
5 cherry tomatoes
Suggested carbs: 1/2 whole wheat pita pocket
1 tbsp goat cheese (optional)
Mustard or barbecue sauce (optional)
Fruit (optional): kumquats

Boil 2 eggs. Peel them and slice them in half. Remove the yolk from 1 egg (or both eggs) and add to a bowl.
Add 1/2 can wild salmon to the bowl along with 1 tbsp Greek yogurt, onions, and your other choice of seasonings.
Mix the ingredients together; then stuff the eggs. Or, add egg whites to the mixture to create a salmon salad.
Eat the meal with pita bread or stuff the pita with the salad, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Amount per serving
(without fruit)
Calories 399
Total Fat9 g
Total Carb24 g
Protein55 g

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