What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

The history of the Mediterranean diet comes from the social lifestyle and eating patterns of the regions around Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain. The Mediterranean diet a tasty way to eat, drink and live, but it’s also a sustainable way to eat from the land and also lose weight.

The Mediterranean diet has been one of the healthiest diets for a long time, but it’s not just a diet it’s a way of life! For thousands of years people living along the Mediterranean coast have had a high-fiber diet of fruits and vegetables, meanwhile, this diet has created a reputation for disease prevention and weight loss.

The Diet Started in Italy thousands of years ago and spread to Greece and Spain. The diet is now the most successful all over the world for promoting health. It is considered by many nutrition experts to be the most healthy ways of living there is. The Mediterranean diet is loaded with anti-inflammatorys and built upon plant-based foods and fresh fish.

Caprese salad

Based on many articles and research, this diet can protect against the development of depression, some cancers, type-2 diabetes, obesity, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Even with all of these benefits it still provides the opportunity for people not to feel held back or alter their daily routines compared to many other diets. According to the Harvard School of Public Health,”Together with regular physical activity and not smoking, our analyses suggests that over 80% of coronary heart disease, 70% of stroke, and 90% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided by healthy food choices that are consistent with the traditional Mediterranean diet.” (WC, W. (2017)

The nutrients gained with a Mediterranean diet compared to other diets may reduce the risk of developing muscle weakness by 70 percent. The Mediterranean way of eating promotes many foods including, fresh fruits and vegetables (spinach, kale, eggplant, cauliflower, tomatoes and fennel) It also promotes sustainable eating, fresh wild-caught fish and seafood which is usually consumed at least twice a week .According to the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, “The biological mechanisms for cancer prevention associated with the Mediterranean diet have been related to the favourable effect of a balanced ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids and high amounts of fiber, antioxidants and polyphenols found in fruit, vegetables, olive oil and wine.” (Giacosa A, e. (2017) The diet consists of natural ingredients, for example olive oil, fruits and vegetables, portions of organic animal products that are produced locally. In comparison to the typical English diet. It’s low in sugar and nearly completely free of all artificial ingredients, for example high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and flavour enhancers.

If you’re trying to lose weight without having hunger pains, and maintain your weight in a realistic way, then this might be the diet for you, it is both sustainable and worthwhile, and has been tried by people all around the world with huge success in relation to weight loss. It works by managing weight and reducing fat intake slowly and naturally due to eating lots of nutrient-dense foods.



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